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Deer Blinds and Feeders in San Angelo

Double Barrel Inc. sells TEXAS WILDLIFE SUPPLY deer feeders and blinds. We know that Texas deer feeders play an important role in Texas deer hunting. That’s why we build our feeders and blinds to stand up to the abuse that nature can dish out. Our exclusive game feeders and deer blind designs are built to maintain feed quality and palatability, presenting it in a safe manner that will maximize consumption by target animals and minimize loss to pests, varmints, and weather. Our metal deer feeders and blinds in Texas are designed for comfort and concealment, so you can wait for that perfect shot in complete comfort. So come see us at Double Barrel Inc. for all of your deer hunting blind needs.

Why Choose Double Barrel Inc. for Deer Blinds?

When it comes to deer hunting, success often depends on having the right equipment. Our TWS MONSTER DEER BLINDS® are built with pre-painted metal coils using a premium SMP coil coating system, making them ideal for deer blinds. They have a 7 ft. wall height with 1.5 in. insulation in the walls, floors, and ceiling, carpeted floors, 30″ x 72″ metal insulated door with RV latch, 26-gauge exterior and interior metal, flip windows, and a porch the length of the blind with handrails.  The TWS MONSTER DEER BLIND is perfect for the family that loves to hunt or the outfitter that has clients that want to hunt together.

We carry multiple sized deer blinds and can have any size that our manufacture makes in a short amount of time.

In addition to our deer blinds, we also offer truck mounted deer feeders that can help attract deer to your hunting area. With our high-quality deer blinds and deer feeders, you’ll be well on your way to a successful deer hunting season.

If you are looking for something more lightweight and easy to move check out our Krivoman Fiberglass Deer blinds. They are perfect for archery or rifle season. They have lots of room, keep you out of the bad weather and are perfect for the new hunter in your family or the experienced pro that wants to keep their gear dry and still be close to the deer. 

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